Thursday, March 28, 2013

Accident Prone

Alec is one of the most cautious kids that we have seen.  
Considering this, we are constantly in awe at how much this kid gets hurt!  A few weeks ago we were at a friends house and he jumped from a couch to a mattress on the floor and fractured his tibia (shin).

Poor little guy!  Seeing him in his cast was the saddest yet cutest thing ever.

Our friends just had their one year old in casts for a month, so they knew all too well how it is to have a kid in a cast.  They were so cute to drop off a little get well package for Alec. He/We have the cutest friends!


 Since there is snow outside and I was too cheap to buy the waterproof bags to go over casts, I just tied up bread bags with twine. 
Poor kid had to roll up to the park wrapped up like a loaf of bread!

Other than not being able to go to his swim lessons, he didn't skip a beat! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seriously Ava?

I'm saving these photos for blackmail one day.
This is the only action Alec's potty gets-just in case you were wondering why I let her play with it.

Little Stinker!  Gets into everything that she is not supposed to!

Monday, March 4, 2013


Last weekend Scott and I were able to sneak away from chilly Colorado and go to sunny California to visit family and play a little golf.

Love our hometown, Camarillo.

On the way home from the airport, we played 9 holes of golf at Camarillo Springs.

We stayed with my brother Ben and his family.  
Ben hooked us up the next day and took us to the Donald Trump Golf Course in Long Beach. The views were stunning; however I do feel a little jipped that I wasn't personally greeted by the Donald himself and his infamous comb-over.
Oh well, his crappy course would have to do.

180* views the entire course! 

Ben looking for his ball.  Good luck!  We all lost approximately 20 balls...each!  To put in perspective,  you usually lose only a few. Yeah, not our best round.  But with views and weather like this, we didn't seem to mind.

The quote of the day would most definitely be "Does anyone have another ball?"
A close second would be, "Par!  A legitimate one!"  We all took so many mulligans that we had to really emphasize the times that we did get a real par, and not one that took 3 shots off the tee block.

The perfect ending to a wonderful golf game!  We finished just as the sun was setting.

On our way home we met up with Brandi for dinner and topped the night off with the game Apples to Apples.  Come midnight I think Ben was hinting that he wanted us to go to bed when he started BUMPING the Phantom of the Opera until the house shook!

The next day we took full advantage of the California sun with a hike up Sycamore Canyon with my mom.

Hostess with the Mostess making Sunday dinner.


My brother has the best backyard I have seen in a long time.
With his two little basketball starts, the basketball area gets used all the time.

Look really close and you might be able to see a little drool dripping down his chin.  
Luckily Chase had lots of bibs for us to borrow!

To die for backyard!

We stayed in the hot tub and didn't go in the pool because it was a little chilly. 
We weren't up for the Polar Bear Plunge. (that one was for all you Bachelor watchers)

Ashton and Grandma.

The best part of the trip?  Meeting this lovely, my newest nephew, Chase.  What a doll!  
Almost makes me ready for another one. Almost.

It at least had us missing the living daylights out of these two Crazies!