Friday, July 27, 2012


Surprising my mom in the temple was only the beginning of our trip.  Surprise!  We are all staying at your house the next 4 days.

Here we all are eating at Bloomingdales.  
Ben had just picked us up from the airport and we were just killing time until we went across the street to the temple.

My mom and Reed called Ben on speaker.  
Ben and Reed talking in code to let Reed know that everyone's flight was on time and that we were all there.

The aftermath.  I seriously cannot believe that we pulled it off without anyone ruining the surprise.  I talk to my mom almost everyday, and I almost slipped half a dozen times.  Side note: I have never kept a surprise in my WHOLE life!  Poor Scott has never gotten a birthday, Christmas, anniversary gift on the actual day.  I get too darn excited and I wind up bursting and giving him his gifts early!  So this was quite the feat for me.
Amy, Ben, Mom, Kim, Heidi

Love these two!

The next day we went to Ben's sacrament meeting.  He is in the bishopric so it was nice to see him conduct the meeting.  We then hopped over to my mom's ward just in time for Relief Society.

After church Kim, Mom and myself basked in the sun at the beach.

Pretty Kim.
Ben and Brandi hosted a delicious family dinner.

We can't wait for Baby B coming this October.  You have no idea how thrilled I am that someone in the family is still having babies!

What a stud.  Caden was in the middle of conditioning week for football and is getting adjusted to all the padding.  Look out world!

Ben & Caden

This trip seemed to consist of four activities.  Eating, Exercising, Shopping and Eating.
My mom enjoyed the fresh ocean air while Kim and I went for a nice run up Sycamore Canyon.

Sissy is so Zen.

We then hit the T.O. mall with Amy, Kim, Brandi, Mom and myself.

And how could we forget Melise? She is the best shopper of us all.

Lounged by my mom's pool.
Brandi, Heidi, Kim, Amy, Mom


Sheri stopped by to say hello.

Egg's n Things for my mom's birthday breakfast.

Hike up Pt. Magu.

Amy, Kim, Heidi

We saw the Biggest Loser contestants....well their silhouettes at least.

On the way to the airport we hung out at Paradise Cove.
Of course Kim found this wheelchair contraption, this girl keeps everything fun!

Happy Birthday Mom!  

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Last weekend my siblings and I were able to pull off a gift of a lifetime for our Mother's birthday.
She attends the Las Angeles Temple faithfully every weekend.  
We contacted her husband Reed and made certain that on Saturday July 21st she would attend a 12:30 endowment session.

Unbeknownst to our mom, we coordinated so that all us kids flew into the LAX airport that Saturday morning.  We waited to go to the temple until 12:45 so that we would not run into my mom in the changing room, and then the four of us did sealings.  We then went into the Celestial Room where we waited for my mom to finish her session. 

And when she came into the room...ALL of her children were standing in a row to greet her. 
(one happy, shocked and elated momma bear.  not sure what to do with herself!)

Oh how I wish we were able to capture the moment on film.  
It will be a moment in time that I will forever cherish. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ava 8 Months

Ava continues to grow into her place as a member of our family.  
It is difficult for me to find pictures of her without Alec in them.

Loves it when Alec shares his toys, particularly his cars.

Ava's first play date with her friend Cru.

These two sure were popular amongst the "big" kids.

She can now stand holding on to something.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

While you were working VII...

                             ...for six days in New York we,

got in a water fight.

 Alec stepped up and was a big help...most of the time.

Alec would point to every airplane that flew by and would say, "Daddy? Airplane!  Sky!  Work."
(I also may have bribed him rotten!  He may or may not have gone to bed/nap with fists full of chocolate chips when I was too tired to fight the fight)

 Poor Ava had an awful fever with a nasty rash.  Worried that it was hand, foot and mouth disease we took her in to the doctor.

 All clear.  But we had to high tail it out of there before Alec broke an arm from jumping on that chair!

 Went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  

 Alec was still too nervous to ride the horse.

 But you know he was all over wearing the accessories.

Princess Girl is so cute!

 Alec and his bff Trevor.


Both kids sacked out on the hour long drive home.  Ava went to bed that night at 4:00!