Friday, May 31, 2013


A couple weeks ago Scott and I were able to getaway to Maui with two of our most favorite people, Doug & Melanie.

Our first activity was definitely the highlight of the trip. It was only us and 3 other couples on this catamaran.  We laid on these beds on the front of the boat for hours...pure heaven!

We saw too many dolphins to count.

Scuba diving.  This was a first for me and I loved every second it!

Clearly an amateur at underwater picture taking.  
I missed the memo that you are not supposed to breathe while having your photo taken.

This cute grin was the first thing about this man that I fell in love with.

Mother's Day dinner at Roy's.

Not our best round of golf.  But with views like this, we didn't seem to mind...ok, maybe we minded a little.  But it was still fun!

Later on in the trip we took a helicopter ride and flew right over this hole.  Pretty fun to see it from a birds eye view.

The long 10 hour road trip to Hana.  Debatable whether or not it was worth it.  But the scenery was undeniably breathtaking!

Whats a road trip without a healthy breakfast of banana bread, a brownie and a macadamia nut cookie bar? I clearly couldn't tell you.

First time at a black sand beach.

Loved vacationing with these two!  Such a classy couple!

The 4 mile hike near the seven sacred pools was one of the prettiest I've ever done.

Duke's Restaurant was at our resort, so we ate there a couple of times.

Took a 45 minute open door helicopter ride around the island.  This thing was tiny!  It barely fit us and the pilot.  
We definitely felt it any time there was a gust of wind.

Our last night we ate at Mama's Fish House.  The cuisine was divine and the ambiance couldn't have been better.

Our waiting room.

They offered a unique menu.  A beef appetizer served in a grilled papaya.

Seared Ahi Tuna.  One of Scott's favorites.

I ordered the Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi stuffed with Crab.

Scott ordered the Macadamia Nut Crusted Pork Chop.

Dessert.  Yes, we each got our own.  And yes, we practically licked the dishes clean.

The perfect way to end a vacation.  
We rolled ourselves out of that restaurant and onto our flights home.

Grandma Irene

A special shout out to Scott's mom who came out to watch the kids while we were in Hawaii.
Alec soaked in a little foot, hand a face rub by Grandma Rene.
She is one of the few people on the face of this planet that can love my kids this way, and we are so thankful for her!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swim Lessons

Alec just finished his second round of swim lessons.  He took them with three of his buddies (wish I had a picture of all four of them!)
Can him swim? Not even close.  But he is at least much more comfortable in the water which puts me at ease since I will have to be watching Ava like a hawk at the pool this summer.

The unexpected highlight of swim lessons?  The goggles.  Those things are a hit around here.

Yeah, they're pretty cool.