Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Kiss

Just thought it was worth mentioning that Alec's favorite song is "This Kiss" by Faith Hill.  
It's our theme song, he insists that we listen to it EVERY time we are in the car.

I just love to kiss those sweet cheeks!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Over Memorial Weekend we decided to go to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.  We've heard about this zoo for years, but stupid me thought it was in Wyoming.  In all fairness it is called Cheyenne.  So once we heard that it was only an hour away in Colorado Springs, we took full advantage.  We were excited to see the much acclaimed giraffe exhibit.  And as you can tell, it did not disappoint.


Ava getting her first smooch from a giraffe.  Well, her carseat at least.

Alec was nervous and was completely content doing this in his stroller.
(When will I grow up and stop feeling the need to laugh while documenting my son picking his nose?)

 After a while Alec warmed up and kept asking Scott to feed the giraffes.

 Hmmmm, I wonder why Alec was a little skiddish around the animals.  
Turns out he is not the only cautious member of this family.  This was as close as I dared to get.

Hey Alec!  Where's your belly?



There were pony rides for $2, but Alec was a little "shy".  So we opted to save the $2, avoid a meltdown, save the ride for next year and spent the money elsewhere.  Like on a family favorite, dip-n-dots.

Now this was right up Alec's alley.

 Looks like someone else enjoyed him some dip-n-dots.


 Such a fun zoo!  I'm glad we didn't go another day thinking that we would never visit the amazing giraffe zoo in Cheyenne "Wyoming"!

Friday, May 25, 2012

While you were working V....

Alec daydreamed about his new crush.
He held this picture calling her his girlfriend for a good hour.
(Sorry dude, I don't think that she is that interested in someone who still drinks out of a cars sippy cup!  I do however admire the confidence!)

He conquered the rockwall in the backyard.

Went down the steep slide, feet first.

Was basically a little manly, studly, dare-devil.

That was, until he wanted to help me get ready.

And while you were hard at work, I got a sitter and went to brunch with a friend.  I brought you home this delicious leftover...too bad its not going to be here by the time you get home!

Oh, and Ava helped me create this post.  She's such a good little blogger.

Thanks for all you do!  We love and appreciate all of your hard work!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ava Six Months

I cannot believe that my baby girl is already six months!
Compared to all her little friends that were born around the same time she seems so fragile and dainty. 

Six Month Stats
Weight: 12.15 lbs 5%
Height: 26 inch 50%
Head: 16 3/4 inch 50%

Her favorite toy is the wet wipes.
 She will play with them all day!  Too bad they are too noisy for church.

Is indifferent to her daily walks.
My back however is not indifferent, and would much rather have the kids in the double-wide stroller than the Bjorn.

Ava is a spit-up, drooling machine.  At least she is so darn cute while doing it, otherwise I don't think I would have the patience to deal with it every five minutes. Without fail every time I put her in a cute, fresh new outfit, it will have spit up on it within minutes.

She has really bonded with her exersaucer...

...that is when Alec allows her to use it.  He has suddenly taken a a particular liking to it.

She also loves her bumbo...

That is when someone, who won't remain anonymous, isn't occupying it.

Other than expressing his separation anxiety with his bumbo and saucer, Alec couldn't be any sweeter to her.
Holding her hand.

Giving her kisses as we rush out the door.

And mostly, making her laugh.  This little lady sure knows how to light up the room!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Since I am feeling too lazy to write anything, here is my mother's day in photos.