Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Alec got dressed in his Valentine's best to deliver his Valentines to his favorite babysitters.
Black velvet pants, bow tie and his fedora hat, what a heart breaker!

He delivered the mints to his babysitters, but saved his rose for the sitter that was watching he an Ava while we went to dinner that night.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alec's 3rd Birthday

We've decided to make it a tradition to fill the kids rooms with balloons on their birthdays. See here for last year.
This year was perfect, because Alec is just realizing the concept of birthdays.  We told him he would know it was his birthday because his room would have lots of balloons. 
The message was received load and clear.  

Just a little excited.

I couldn't help myself, I kept snapping away with the camera.

Before I blew up the balloons, Scott distracted Alec with one of his favorite activities, making pancakes. (Alec wakes up kind of grumpy, so we thought it best to put some food in his belly before we overwhelm him with a hundred balloons)

I know this looks staged.  
But he gathered this blue bouquet all on his own and carried it around all morning.

Like I said, I couldn't stop taking pictures.

I feel like this was our first REAL birthday.  Instead of us making all the decisions and having a party/fun day out of obligation to celebrate, the day really was all about Alec. Making him feel special and loved.  So, we let him do what he loves most.  A Thomas the Train themed party at the Little Monkey Business.  I even let him pick the guest list, dessert, drinks and party favors.

What more could a 3 year old ask for?  Friends, pizza, doughnuts, a sucker, and mommy's medicine (soda).

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship"
                                                                                          Thomas Aquinas

While Alec loves all his gifts, this one stole his heart.  We bought him this garbage truck a few weeks ago, placed it atop the fridge as a motivation to go potty on the toilet. We have repeatedly told him that all he as to get the garbage truck is to go potty on the toilet.  
When we got home from his party, he pulled out his new garbage truck, strolled over to the fridge and smuggly said,  
"Look mom, its the same" (cleary all I had to do to get the garbage truck his have a bday party)

Little stinker!  You may have won this battle, but we will win this potty training war!

When Scott came home, we gave him his big present.

Ava looks a little nervous for the bikes debut.

More so than on any other day, I thought my heart would burst from so much love that I felt for Alec.  I cannot imagine life without him.  He is blossoming into the sweetest, most obedient, charming and witty little humanbeing! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Alec is 3 today!
Or in other words, 36 months.

So here we go with 36 things that make Alec, Alec

1. Organizer.  Unprompted, he gathered all these blue balloons and held the bouquet all morning.
2. Precise. He knows exactly how he wants something done.
3. Clean. We've come into his room at 10pm to shut off his light, only to find him quietly cleaning his toys with wet wipes.
4. Mr. Honest.  Hasn't learned how to lie yet.  Always admits to hitting or being mean to Ava.  Although I do place him in time-out, this innocence melts my heart.
5. Friends.  Has lots of friends.  Every morning when I ask him what he wants to do, he says without fail, "Play with Friends!!!"
6. Cars.  Loves anything car, truck or bus. Is always spotting them while driving.
7. Numbers.  Can count to 15, then he repeats 15 five times until he gets to 20.
8. Names.  Currently obsessed with knowing everyone's names.  It started with hanging up all the Christmas cards.  He insisted on asking everyone's names on a regular basis.
9. Surname.  His name is Alec Smith, Scott is Scott and Daddy Smith, I am Heidi and Mommy Smith and Ava is Ava Princess Girl Smith.  You get sternly corrected if you call her Ava Smith.
10. Colors. Knows all his colors.
11. Food.  Little stinker is still picky.  Eats pancakes (loaded with squash, carrots and zucchini), peanut butter-honey sandwhich and chicken nuggets.  
12.  Playgroup.  Has 2 different playgroups that he goes to once a week.
13. Quote. One of my favorites lately when asked where daddy is, "Daddy makes da money at da bank!"
14. Quote. Another favorite. While Scott and I were arguing who was going to lug him from the basement all the way to his room for bedtime. In a scolding lecturing tone to Scott. "No, Daddy do it!  Mommy is tired."
15. Diapers.  Not interested one bit in potty-training.
16. Lightening McQueen.  Has had that little car in his grasp at all times for almost a year!
17.  Mommy Show.  When its time for bed he always begs to stay up and have treats and watch mommy's show in the basement.  Lately he has been so darn cute we have allowed it.
18.  Shy. Is still very shy, but once you win him over, he is quite the chatterbox.
19.  "WHAT?!"  Lately when we call out his name he barks back, "What!!!?"
20.  Refuses to eat off of a purple plate because he says they are for girls.
21.  Nursery.  Is now the big kid on campus. He lights up when talking about what he does in nursery.
22.  8 bedtimes.  Has figured out how to unlock his door (yes we lock our child in his room) and now it seems as if he is getting out of bed countless times throughout the evening.
23. "Lets go racing!" You will instantly become his best friend if you chase him.
24. Temple.  A favorite Sunday pastime is to drive to the temple, find Angel Moroni and look at the water fountain.
25. Farts.  It has begun.  He fake laughs every time that he toots.
26.  Prayers and kisses.  Every morning and evening after saying family prayers he insists that everyone kiss everyone.  Something that we have encouraged....I just hope he doesn't expect it his first time in Sunbeams...
27. Obedient. When I tell him not to do anything, he listens. He then immediately turns into a dictator and ensures that Ava doesn't do it either.
28.  Puzzles.  Is pretty good and putting them together all by himself.
29.  Treats.  Can bribe him to do just about anything for a treat.  (except for going potty on the toilet)
30.  When asked how old are you? He says, "Ava is 1 and Alec is 3"
31.  Still pronounces his own name as "Ahh-get"
32. Helper.  Since he is so obedient, this makes him the perfect helper.  He will faithfully stick with me throughout an entire project handing me the proper tools at the appropriate time.
33. the Man Store.  He and Scott have their father and son dates at the Man Store aka Home Depot.
34.  Words.  Is having less and less tantrums and is using more of his words.  Heavenly!
35. Barefoot.  Takes his shoes and socks off any chance that he gets.
36. Kisses.  Every night before we close his door we blow kisses.  May be naive of me, but something that I hope never changes.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Oh, I'm sorry, did you actually think that I meant a marathon where there is running involved? 
When I say marathon, I mean to say this is the spoils after a three day Downton Abbey Marathon.

I'd love to call this atypical behavior. I'm afraid I'd be lying if I did.  Truth be told, there are two more empty Krispy Kreme doughnut boxes and another Bluebell container just outside of the picture frame.  
What is wrong with us?