Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm pretty certain that we celebrated Valentines the same way that we have the past 8 years. Just for the record, I will mention that:

We went to dinner at Flemings. I know, completely unoriginal. But why fix what isn't broken? The food was delicious, the company was exquisite, and my home still smells of roses and stargazer lilies.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hymns & GG

On Sunday our ward did a testimony meeting of hymns where we sang hymns the entire hour. It was very touching.

I have never cared much for hymns; however, Alec LOVES them! He will squirm and fuss, but the second he detects the organ, his eyes light up in awe as he scans the room admiring the beautiful voices. I can tell that he can feel the love in the room. Often I wonder if I measure up as a mother for this precious boy. It is during the tender moments of the hymns every week that I am reassured that this little boy is exactly where he is supposed to be, and that as a mother, there is no greater gift that I can give to my child than that of exposing him to the love of the gospel!

Alec's GG was able to visit for the weekend and was able to attend that sacrament meeting. I am so grateful for the legacy of the gospel that my mother has instilled in her children and that I am now able to pass that legacy on to my children.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Alec's 1st Birthday Party

Alec REALLY wanted a Radio Flyer themed birthday, of course I obliged.
Here is the invitation that was sent out to his little friends.

The Birthday Boy wanted nothing to do with kisses from his mommy.
That didn't stop me, I couldn't resist all day long!

Sprinkles, red velvet cupcakes. You can buy the mix from Williams-Sonoma. They are delicious!

Converted Alec's wagon into an ice chest to keep the coca-colas nice and cool.

I just love this little guy!

The Party Animals

Brody & Emma

Max & Trevor

The Parents

Everyone was very generous with the gifts. Thank you! Alec loves them all!

"Happy Birthday Dear Alec..."

Not sure what to make of this "thing".

Needed a little coaxing from his partner in crime.

Here is a little video that we played at the party.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Year!

Alec is ONE today!
This little boy has been such a blessing in our lives. Words cannot express how much we love him and how much we love being his parents. We could not have been blessed with a sweeter boy. While it is fun to reminisce over the past year, I am trying not to long for the days of infancy, and to look forward to the many years of growth and love with this little boy!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Proud Lady

I debated whether or not to do this post...but I do have to take a moment and boast about my hubby. Scott is a financial adviser for JP Morgan Chase, and this year he made it to the President's Club. Which meant that he was one of the top 100 advisers in the country. I am so proud of him and how hard he works to provide for our family!

Here he is with Jaime Dimon. The CEO of Chase.
(yes, that is the mens restroom in the background. I think that Scott stalked him and shamelessly asked for a photo)