Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Happy 30th Birthday to this Guy!

To celebrate we went where else but Flemmings. It was delicious as always!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


This past week, the woman to child ratio was in Alec's favor. My mom and sister Amy flew out for a visit. My little mister was in seventh heaven. To say that Alec was smitten with Auntie Amy is quite the understatement.

What did we do?
A little bit of this.

A little bit of that.

A little bit of Splish.

A little bit of Splash.

I let my WT child crawl around the deck in just his diaper.

"Hey Alec! You have some puffs creeping out of your diaper!"

"Oh, and your butt cheek is hanging out as well!"

'Twas a common theme throughout the trip.

Alec turned into quite the showman once company arrived on the scene.

We ended the evenings with strolls around the neighborhood.

Being that we just moved the week prior, this was not the most glamorous of girls trip. All the same, I still love spending time with the lovely ladies in the family. We missed you Kim!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Dads,

On this Father's Day I would like to thank my dad for...

Teaching me how to work.

No one can clean a car like you can.

No one has a yard more green than you do.

Thank you for teaching me how to play.

No one can put together a Lake Powell trip quite like you can.

No one has a Harley that shines quite like yours.

Thank you for adding fun to our family!

And to Alec's Dad...

I can't imagine a sweeter father.

Nor a sweeter husband.

I hope you think of how much your family appreciates you everyday that you wear these shoes into work.

A true Father's Day Feast!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Baby Girl!

We are having a baby GIRL! I thought that I was indifferent to the sex of the baby, however, I am unbelievably thrilled at the news! I can't believe that I will get my very own little girl!

On Friday Scott, Alec and I went to First View Ultrasound where we were able to learn the sex of the baby as well as view 3D/4D images. I have been so wrapped up with the details of the move, so it was special to take a moment to have some bonding time and to enjoy our little princess.

Alec was obsessed with her pink balloon.

We decided to send the balloon up to her as a present.

We can't wait to meet you Baby Girl!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Moving Day

Tomorrow is moving day! I am so excited, but also a little sad to leave our first home. Hopefully we have chosen renters that will take good care of it. It will help that we aren't moving far so that we will be able to check on it often.

This has been a home filled with wonderful memories of us starting as a new couple, fresh in our careers, to new parents and to parents again. We've been blessed to be able to enjoy this home from June 2008-June 2011.

And now to many more years filled with many more little baby Smiths in our new home!
I am thrilled with this new stage of life that we are entering into.