Thursday, April 25, 2013


Scott's sister, Heather, moved to Texas three years ago. 
We finally decided it was high time to pay them a visit.

What do you do when you are in Austin, Texas for only three days?

Cheer on your nephews/cousins at their football games...

Eat at a world famous doughnut shop...

Eat finger lickin' good brisket at the gas station...

Bond with cousins...

Ooooh and Awwwwe over how cute your niece and nephews are...

Wear your work out clothes all day long, even though you never worked out...

Sneak into your Aunt and Uncle's bed to watch cartoons after an exhausting afternoon...

Have the most interesting and inappropriate conversations while eating Sushi till it hurts...

Slide into a food coma...

Laugh until your cheeks hurt...

Pose like you're the cutest kids on the planet...

Devour Mexican food over Lake Austin...

Tell your sis-in-law how gorgeous she is at 7 months pregnant...

Duck hunt...

Reflect on the good old days...

The Fitch's couldn't have been more accommodating and welcoming.  Heather truly is the hostess with the mostest.  They really went out of their way to show us a good time and we so appreciate it.
 I guess that southern hospitality has really rubbed off on them!


Last month we were able to spend a week up in the mountains with fun friends in Breckenridge.

The cabin we stayed in was amazing! (our first morning there was St. Patrick's Day. as you can see we turned over chairs and left gold coins everywhere)

We started off the trip by dog sledding.  We left the littles at the cabin with the babysitter.

Gorgeous!  We loved that it snowed while sledding!


Everyone called us Honeymooners. We all left our kids 3 and under at the cabin with the babysitter. Since thats all we have, we were kid free.

Daddy's girl.

Alec thought he was so cool hanging with the big kids.

We took the kids snow sledding. Poor Alec still had a cast on.
So, we borrowed big shoes that fit over his cast from a friend and he was good to go...kind of.


Not pictured was the babysitter that we had the entire trip.  We were able to go out to kid free dinners almost every night and also enjoyed a fabulous adult only day of skiing.

Another day we went snow tubing.

Alec and his cute friend Navi went down the run all by themselves.

Warming up in the lodge.

On the way up to the mountains.  Full of energy and really digging his new snow gloves.

And on the way home. All puckered out.

Princess Girl looked like this the entire trip.

We had a blast!  I hope that we minded our manners enough to get invited back next year!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Only Child for a Night

Lately when we go out to eat and see parents with only one child we think how nice it would be to go out to dinner with just one kid.

So a couple of weekends ago we decided to get a babysitter Saturday night for Ava and take Alec out on his very own date.  We told him a billion times throughout the night how special it was that it was just he, and mommy and daddy.  We decided to eat at a family favorite, Nordstrom Cafe.  (you know we frequent there all too often when the wait staff asked us where Ava was)

Alec ate up all the attention and could tell that we were treating him extra special. 
So glad we did it!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Heroes

So glad we got a boy.
And so glad that boy has good friends.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Best Mom Ever

Let the record state that I am the most fun mom ever.  On freezing cold days we spend time-

Learning what happens when we touch food coloring in milk with our magic wand (toothpick with dish soap)


Learning how to write the alphabet.

After all the hard work and planning, these activities took up 30 minutes.  Tops.
Then we spend about 2 hours watching tv.

What the heck?!  How do these anti-kids watching tv moms do it?  Unless I have warm weather, the backyard, friends and parks to fall back on, my indoor creativity goes out the window after a few activities.  

Just look at the poor Alec. If you look hard enough, you can see brain cells actually leaving his body.

Is it spring time yet? This Californian was raised in 60 degree weather.  Just you wait Alec. Once it warms up, that will be my time to shine. There will be non-stop all day wild and crazy fun!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


It is rare that I get a photo like this of my sweet, danty, princess, angel girl!

As of late, she would better be described as an adventurous, mischievous, mismatchy, sweet, I don't care if I have food smeared all over me, crazy, hot mess!  
And I love the little psycho!