Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Alec 7 Months

Just when I think that he cannot get any cuter...

This month Alec has become quite the social butterfly! As long as he is around a lot of people, he is happy and content. Here are a few pics of a day in the life of Alec Smith as a 7 month old.

He has really bonded with his excersaucer.

He even likes to watch the football games in it.

He loves to sit out on the deck, get some fresh air and catch a cool breeze. I usually put him out there around 5:30 and he watches people get their mail, walk to the park, and of course wait for daddy to come home from work so that he can go on a walk to the park.

Cali his loyal beagle keeps him company.

His hair is slowly but surely coming in.

Speaking of walks to the park, look who is riding in his big boy stroller.

This boy love, love, loves to be outside! I have no idea what we are going to do when winter comes!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Traditional Anniversary

Scott and I had such a fun anniversary! We are creatures of habit so we love to create traditions, I think that my favorite traditions are the ones that we have on our anniversary. Scott got me these beautiful flowers and thoughtful cards. He always buys two, one is always hilarious and the other one he writes something really cheesy yet meaningful.

My hot date came to pick me up in his new car that he got that afternoon. (the new car definitely not part of the tradition, but you know that I claimed it as my gift)

We had our trusty sitter Faith watch Alec for the evening.

We have made it a tradition to go to the temple and do sealings. It is such a special way to celebrate our marriage and to remember our duties, responsibilities, promises and blessings. We live only 5 minutes from the Denver temple, being that it is the only temple in Colorado, I feel so blessed that we live so close.

It was so interesting how at the beginning of the evening when Scott picked me up all dressed up in his nice suit and his nice new car, I was thinking how handsome he was and how lucky we are to have the things that we have. And then, when I first saw him in the temple without his worldly attire, it literally took my breath away, and that it was here in this setting that he couldn't have been more handsome. I am so thankful for those moments!

We have had a long standing love affair with Flemmings, but we finally decided to cheat, venture out and try a new restaurant called Del Friscos. I am glad that we did, it was delicious and the service was excellent!

Friday, September 17, 2010

5th Anniversary

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary. It seems like yesterday, and forever ago at the same time that Scott and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Being the realist that I am, I had "certain" ideas and expectations about how marriage was going to be...all I can say is that I have been pleasantly surprised.

In lieu of being married for 5 years, I thought that I would list 5 reasons I love being married to Scott:
(just look at that face, whats not to love?)

1. He is a sweetheart
2. He genuinely wants me to be happy, and does everything in his power to make me so
3. His work ethic. He works as hard as anyone that I know!
4. He just laughs when I have my pyscho moments
5. Last but not least. He is not above watching chick-tv with me.
Ex: Bachelorette. (shhh don't tell him that I outed him)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tee Time

One of our splurges this summer has been golfing. We have been trying to go almost every weekend. Always finding a babysitter has been more difficult than we thought, but we do have a few girls that we can almost always count on. Since Alec will not take a bottle, we always find ourselves rushing to play only nine holes, then hurrying home to feed the little guy. It has been so much fun, and is something to look forward to during the week. We are trying to enjoy it while the good weather is still around.

South Suburban Golf Course

Not that we keep score or anything: Heidi 41, Scott 45 (low score wins)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Mornings

I love Sunday mornings! I used to be a stressed out basket case getting ready for church. I have now learned that if I just pick outfits out the night before and wake up just a little bit earlier, it is now one of my favorite most peaceful times of the week. I love getting ready for church while listening to our favorite hymns. (I am sure that I will be eating my words once we have a couple more kids) Just a few pictures we snapped before church. One of these days I will get a family photo with all three of us!

Denver Zoo

"Alec" really wanted to go to the zoo a few months ago, so we took him and we all loved it. So we decided to get a season pass. At his debut he woke up to see the zebras, and then he slept the entire time. This time he was alert and glued to all the animals.

Scott explaining what a primate is.

I am always teasing Scott about his arm span. I think that this proves the point...

I absolutely love these little feet.

The lions and the bears were Alec's favorite.

While we really enjoy looking at the animals, there are other perks to the zoo. I went to the bathroom, and by the time I came back Scott had purchased himself a dip-n-dot and was almost halfway done!

We also enjoy observing humans in their natural habitat. I love the umbrella hats. I couldn't help myself, I had to sneak in a picture.