Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Just thought it was worth mentioning that my sweet Ava's favorite music is rap.  "Thriftshop" by Macklemore happens to be her favorite.
Anytime she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed we bump a little rap and turn her frown upside down.

Quite the contrast from Alec's first favorite song found here.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Busy Bee

Love my busy little bee.

What would I do without seeing this cute grin every day?

I'm telling you now, this girl is going to be so much fun!


Look who is going to nursery.

 Don't they always seem too small to be in there? 
It's a good thing she has her brother there to protect her.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day

"The happiest people I know are not those who find their golden ticket; 
they are those who, while in pursuit of worthy goals, discover and treasure the beauty and sweetness of the everyday moments."
                                                           -Dieter F Uchtdorf

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Potty Training Woes

Before you judge, you need to understand that we have tried just about anything and everything that anyone has suggested to us, and we still cannot get 3 1/2 year old Alec to go potty on the toilet!

And then a miracle happened...

AVA strolled right up to the potty and took a dump! Seriously?! My eighteen month old?

This gave Scott and I one more idea to get Alec motivated to go potty on the toilet.  That night we arranged a little friendly competition.  Whoever went potty on the toilet first would get a huge bag of skittles (Alec's favorite)

We had to practically force him up there and he lasted 30 seconds before he jumped off.
Ava bounced right up there and within minutes the "Princess" laid stake on her "Throne!"
Do you think she is rubbing it in a little?  
I'm afraid that she will not let him live this down their entire lives!  

I was starting to think that I was pathetic and a bad parent for not being able to get my 3 1/2 year old to go potty on the toilet.  Then Ava strolled in and showed me that kids come how they come, and we need to adapt our parenting to each individual child.  

The silver lining?  Here's to hoping that we can kill two birds with one stone and potty train them together.  Wouldn't be bad, going from two kids in diapers to no kids in diapers.

I love my little "Stinkers"!  (pun intended)

Monday, June 10, 2013


While on a layover in LAX from our Hawaii trip I decided that I could not leave Alec behind the following weekend for my trip home to visit my mom. So I booked him a last minute flight.

He requested skittles the second we sat down on our flight.

Mom has wanted to take some of the oldest grandchildren to Disneyland for years.
She picked us up from the airport and took us directly to the hotel where everyone had been staying the past couple of days.  This is where Alec received all the Disney Swag a 3 year old could ever dream of.  It was so thoughtful how my mom had everything laying on all the grandkids beds for when they arrived.

Here is the Disney crew. It was Missy's (far right) 11th birthday.

For the record, I'm not much of a Disney person and have always thought it was silly and somewhat indulgent when I would hear about parents taking their young 3-6 year olds to Disneyland.  I just didn't understand why they would spend so much money on an activity for such a young child.  As we drove up to the park I was so excited I could barely contain myself!  I realized how Alec would believe that he was ACTUALLY visiting Radiator Springs.  I'm going to eat my words and can't believe I'm about to write this corny phrase...but it truly was magical taking him there!

The girls soon ditched us. (I don't blame them for not wanting to go on the baby rides with us).  But my nephew Caden, being the resident expert and season ticket holder, was kind enough to take Alec under his wing and show him around.

The Three Amigos for the day.

Alec's favorite ride was the Mater Tractor Tippin'.

Even though Alec is OBSESSED with Lightening McQueen, he still preferred to keep his distance.

But he still loved being and playing near Lightening.

That's my cautious little guy.

I know he is studying this Lightening to see if every nut and bolt is exactly like the one he has.

I couldn't get over how sweet, thoughtful and attentive Caden was!  Alec wanted to be just like him:

Like when Caden bent down to be Alec's height for the photo, Alec bent down too. 

Or when Caden put on his glasses, so did Alec.

Like when Caden shared his Pirates of the Caribbean sword, Alec had to get one too.
Or when Alec noticed Caden was wearing his backback, he wanted to wear his as well.

They really were too cute together.  Makes me so sad that they live 18+ hours apart!

Alec's second favorite ride was the Toy Story.

Caden's one request of the day.  This growing athlete had his heart set on a turkey leg.

We hit the park hard without stopping from 1-9.  
Passed out on the 2 minute ride back to the hotel.

Once we got to the hotel I tried to put him to sleep in the adjoining room. But there was too much going on for that to happen.
Auntie Amy was the one who finally won him over by sniffing his rancid feet that were poking through his pajama's.

I finally conceded that sleep this trip wasn't a necessity and allowed him to join the party next door.

Danielle and the birthday girl Missy.

The next morning we literally rolled out of bed and walked across the parking lot to the Village Inn.  Dressing in our white trash best. I still had leftover make-up from the night before and alec strolled in with his feet poking through his pj's with sandals and his blanky.

We made the 1 1/2 hour drive home where we met up with Ben's cute family for lunch.  Melise showed up with a ring pop as a peace offering for Alec.

Next up was swimming at Ben's.

My mom soaking it all up.

Ben's sweet baby Chase.

Mom & Ben




Or not...maybe next year dude.

Wimps.  They couldn't hack the pool.

Pizza is always the best after swimming.

We ditched these crazy kids to do any adult only dinner.

Melise and Alec.

Sunday we all relaxed at Ben & Brandi's.

Celebrated Missy's birthday.

So fun to see my BFF in my hometown ward on her birthday.  I nostalgically and irreverently interrupted her sharing time in primary to chat in the hallways and give her a birthday hug...some things never change!

Monday Alec went through a rite of passage by climbing up the sandhill.  
I was so proud of him, he made it halfway up all by himself.

We made it to the top!  Don't let my smile fool you, I was wheezing by the time we reached the top.  

"Oh no! My feet are dirty!"

"MOM!!! My feet are DIRTY!" (direct quotes)

The waves were big, so I don't blame him for being slightly intimidated.

He agreed to go closer to the water if I promised not to let him go.  
I soaked up his cute little arms clutching me so tightly!

Too cute when he asked me to get in the "soap".

One of my favorite guys in one of my favorite places!

Adore these girls!

The cool Californian cousins weren't phased one bit by the freezing water and "dirty" sand.

The second we got back to the car, Alec couldn't wait to wipe the sand off his feet.
Here he is using his sword to get the sand out from his piggies.

Later that day we went to see Mimzy the Pig and feed her leftovers from the bbq.  
She lives at the top of my brother's street.

He didn't say it, but I'm guessing the pig was a little too dirty for his liking???

The best part of the trip was being able to spend quality time with my mom.  She is currently battling cancer and is halfway through her 6 rounds of chemo.  Wish I lived close by her, especially during times like this. 

We so appreciate her positive and strong attitude! My FAVORITE thing about my mom is her sound advice.  Anytime she is placing her opinion it is always gospel centered and mostly applicable to everyone at all times.  I absolutely love to hear her outlook on gospel principles and applications!
(and also the fact that even though she barely had an ounce of energy to walk, she rallied to take this goofy photo)