Thursday, December 29, 2011


Ask anyone that knows me, Scott in particular, and they will tell you that I am at my happiest when I am being PRODUCTIVE. Scott has come to despise that term. Whenever we are laying around wasting time, I always ruin the relaxation by restlessly proclaiming that I need to do something productive!
That being said, this Winter Break was spent doing a whole lot of nothing! Having a newborn and living in a climate where at times it was 4 degrees calls for some lazy/lounging/snuggly time.

(notice ava in the background?)

After a huge snow storm, Scott had to pry himself from the warm comfy couch, slide into his Sorels, and get to work on shoveling our north facing driveway.

Alec monitoring Scott's work.

Not convinced that Dad-da was getting all the snow, he begged to go outside to micromanage.

Overwhelmed by all the work left to do.

All that chilly hard work earned Alec his first taste of hot chocolate.

More lounging. Ava and I enjoying the winter wonderland from bed.

Big Brother strolled in and wanted in on the photo shoot.

First kiss from Alec. (he kisses by touching foreheads)

We couldn't get Alec strapped into his carseat with all his snow gear. We ended up plopping him in his seat and driving down the street to our destination.

Playing hard to get, he tries his very best not to look at the camera. No matter how close I get to him.

All worn out from sledding.
We all assumed our positions back on the couch watching Alec's choice of movie, either Lion King or Hercules.
Alec has affectionately earned the nickname Double-Decker.
He finds it impossible to choose between his hats, so why not wear them both?

While being lazy for an entire week was sometimes enough to drive me crazy, I am grateful for all the reasons that enabled our love filled lazy holiday!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas, party of four.

...but still a party nonetheless.

Don't let the small number fool you, even though the Smith's were alone this year, we still managed to have a spectacular Christmas.

Some friends (who were also "family-less") had us over for a lovely Christmas Eve dinner and program.
Alec helped me bake the dessert for the evening.

Santa's Helper.
Looks like a little elf couldn't wait for Christmas.

Thus, all the presents strategically placed up high in the built-ins.
Also notice how there are zero ornaments on the bottom half of our naked tree? It appears that our little elf found those irresistible as well.

This is how Alec gives kisses, by touching foreheads.

Ava loves her giraffe, can't you tell?

We kept our expectations realistically low about how Alec would react to Christmas.
So you can imagine our delight when this was his reaction to receiving a hat.

After opening presents, we made a traditional Danish pancake called Ebelskivers.

This time we made Banana Graham Cracker Ebelskivers.

The ebelskivers (do you like how I keep using that word?) were not exciting enough for Alec, he opted for his delectable slop. Consisting of oatmeal, fruits, veggies, chocolate pediasure...all mixed together. Yum.

Later that day some other friends had us over for a non-traditional Christmas dinner. Chicken Fried Steak, which we were grateful for. Who needs two turkeys back to back anyways?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Month

Little Miss A is one month today. I cannot believe that she has ONLY been here for a month, I feel that she has been a part of this family for much longer. I am trying to savor every little snuggle that I can. As I write this she is slowly drifting to sleep in my lap. She loves to be held, especially by her momma.
At this point she basically eats, sleeps, eats and poops. Speaking of poop, I must mention that she is a little lady and has yet to have a blowout.

Here are more than just a few of her newborn photos taken when she was only four days old by the lovely Victoria Harris.

Simply. Beautiful.


Our photographer was gracious enough to spend a few moments to take a few pictures of the family.

Ava's Family

Darling, Alec discovered Ava during this shoot.