Friday, November 29, 2013

Smith Thanksgiving in Denver

This year we hosted ALL of Scott's family for Thanksgiving.  And we loved every crazy second of it.
Just to give an idea, ALL but 4 of these people slept at our home.  Its a good thing they are all so cute and we love 'em all so much!

Seventh heaven with all the cousins.


 I sent the kids on a scavenger hunt in the backyard, which eventually led them down to the basement where they had to ask their favorite Aunt for a key to the locked door with the hidden treasure.

Matching Christmas pj's!  I couldn't resist.  After all, how often are all these cousins going to have sleepovers together?

Cutest, most polite little kids on the planet!

Our new couch was broken-in in no time.

Todd can't deny that he has turned into a bit of a softy.

Brining the turkey.

A little bowling to get out of the house.

Alec's first time bowling.

Honestly, could his cousins be any cuter?  They all jumped up and down acting like Alec was a rockstar- EVERY time that he bowled.

Homemade lasagna for dinner.

Alec and his sleepover posse in his room.

They were all so puckered out, that they fell right to sleep almost every night.
Mason was so kind to Alec this trip. Melted my heart.

Thanksgiving morning we got right to business in the kitchen.  (after an early morning 10k put on by our neighbors, the Stones)

We distracted this kids with a little Thanksgiving Bingo.


We were also blessed with 50-60 degree weather and a new trampoline that kept the kids busy too.

Look how cool they are doing their "front flips"

My favorite helper of the day.
 The second I found out that Ava was a girl, I bought this matching apron.
It finally fits her and this was its debut.

She is too much!

Earlier I had asked everyone to tell me something that they were thankful for (besides family and the gospel, because thats a given).
I then wrote them down on strips of paper and randomly placed them in the place setting boxes.
During dinner we had everyone open theirs and try to guess who's was who's...

Scott made a perfect turkey, as usual.  Not pictured: we had 2 hams and a tri-tip.
We are more of a tri-tip kind of family, so the goal is to gradually over the years shift over to more of a tri-tip dinner.

During dinner we had everyone open their place card box and try to guess who's was who's...

Summer's happened to have mine.  Here's what it said:

 Later that night we watched a football game and then stayed up late talking and playing games.

A family favorite football game.  Everyone more or less guesses what they think the score of the game will be for each quarter.
At the end of each quarter, the person who's initials are on the correct score, gets a prize.
Its just a fun way to keep everyone interested in the game.

The coveted prize of the night.  Chris won the sassy, velvety elf boxers with jingles.

Late night dessert.

Sucks to be the only teenager in the house.

Don was bound and determined to set a new record on this thing.  He smothered it. And maintains an untouched record high.

Typical Alec. Everything is turned into a weapon.

Typical Ava.

Typical Scott.  Putting his nephews right to work.

This guys makes hosting so much fun!

Friday morning the girls went shopping and out to lunch.

While in the afternoon the boys went skeet shooting.

Heather's sweet baby Quincy made me baby hungry.  I don't think I heard her cry once the entire trip!

Elle persevered.  And by the end of the trip, she finally won Ava over.

Overall we think or at least hope that Thanksgiving was a success.
Even if this is what we were doing 90% of the time!