Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alec 4

I can't believe that my little man is four years old!

As of late, Alec is:

Extremely Responsible.  Once he understands a rule, he will precisely follow that rule to a tee.
Social Bug.  His favorite thing is a playdate.  Any place, any time, anywhere.
Potty-trained.  Number one AND number two.  Hallelujiah!
Strong willed.  Which has its cons, but also attributes to his following rules so devoutly.
I-pad and movies.  Will still watch tv for hours at a time.  Yes, this has happened. 
Baller.  Loves playing baseball.  Can consistently hit an underhanded pitch.
Negotiator.  Instead of stealing a toy from Ava, he will convince her to take the "lesser" toy in order to give him the one he wants.  Classic Scott.
Vigilante.   Loves to take the law into his own hands.  Particularly when scolding Ava.  I think Ava gets a citizens arrest on a daily basis.
Routine.  Loves a solid, consistent routine.  Has a hard time functioning when his expectations are not met.
Loves learning.  Soaks up group learning.
Shy, but confident.
So loveable.  If he weren't getting so big, I'd carry his sweet cheeks all over the place!

Happy 4th birthday Alec!

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